Back again..

I started blogging since 2005. And blogspot was my first home. I was a bit disappointed that I erased my original blog and run down to Wordpress which is now suspended. Imagine how its so ironic. So, now this is my new place in the web along with my other turf that I update regularly(it's in my links, the Me and Mine).

I will definitely update this one regularly. Twice a week or so for the time being. Here are some things about me.

I married the man of my dreams & the love of my life.
I have a 5 yrs old son and I'm 16 weeks preggy with our second child!
I had a car accident when I was 11.
I was once a Beauty Queen in our hometown…(wink-wink)
I have 2 Albert in my life.
I love to travel.
I get depressed when I stay in one place longer:(
I love photography but haven't practice for ages.
I Love Sandals and Shoes! I have more than a hundred pairs of them
not to mention the boots and clugs…:)
I collect stuff toys,bags,postcards, DVD’s(classic and new)..
lost track of counting the CD’s..,bags..I love
Louis Vuitton,Gucci,Coach,Balenciaga,Chloe and
Chanel(I love my bowling bag same as the one like
Paris Hilton and Nicky carries)!!! A Bag addict, you can call!
LOL Ok,ok..I don’t need to brag, just that I have a lot :) I have a tattoo.
I dream to skydive someday..
I have 3 tattoo's.
Homebody for sure.
I love Spaghetti Bolognese and Carbonara.
I can shop shoes,bags and sandals everyday of my life!
I don’t smoke nor drink coffee.
I love to watch movies.
I love Johnny Depp.
I love spring!
I love the Beach..
I’m a sunset/sunrise junkie!
I love ice cream specially from Baskin and Robins! Yay..you’ve gotta try it out..
I crave for Fried Crab with curry Powder! Thai foods are the BEST!
I read Sidney Sheldons books…I’m almost finish to all his bestsellers.
I’m an interior designer in my own;-)
I want to see a ballet.
I want to shoot a gun (9mm)
I want to go to the opera
I want to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem
I want to visit Antarctica and see the Peguines though
Im sure there are more to see than the snow and the Peguines?
I want to travel the world- my GREATEST DREAM…
I want go kayaking and canoeing
I want to be a certified diver.
I want to walk on the Great Wall of China
I want to lose weight, damn it!
I want go on a safari with my 2 Alberts and our little peanut someday.
I really would love to photograph a Meteora
I like to go on some crazy hike
I want to step foot inside the Taj Mahal.
I want someday to walk the ruins of Machu Picchu

My pet peeves are:

Pretentiousness and hypocrite who lies for acceptance and exaggerate for
attention.Calculating, manipulative, and vindictive people.
Bullies; those who take pleasure in
tormenting others.
Conceit and arrogance!
Inconsiderate people.Drama over nothing! Drama queens, I might add…

I appreciate…

Those who help others without seeking anything in return.
People who look at things in perspective.Modesty, Sincerity,
and Kindness.Sweetness and Loyalty.The Truth.