Budding Artist

As you noticed, I am a proud Mom! You’ll know why if you are a parent yourself:) He’s a total happiness in our home. Since we are in our 2 month vacation here in Phils, my in-laws, my parents and my brothers and sis even his nanny really enjoy the time they are spending with him. When we went home in my own parents home he gave my Dad and Mom each a card with a drawing. He says it’s his grandpa and grandma with him holding his hand. He is the sweetest! And then each of my brothers have their own too. He’s a budding artist and a totally sweet little boy. I am so proud of him and I just want to thank him for the happy days he give us! Last Father’s Day, he gave a card to my Dad-in-law with a note says, ” Dear Lolo, Love You!” with a drawing of my Dad in law and Mom in-law and my little boy. And of course he wrote his name in there. I forgot to take a pic because he was so eager to give it that day. My in-laws are so happy of course! :)
Here’s his latest arts..he’s a budding artist and I’m the proud mom,of course!

You can read a post in my other blog here, Budding Artist for that pic with the 4!

Have a great week, peeps!