Preggo Musts

Since I am still in the house and still thinking if I’ll go to the beach or not. I’m still here in my pc arranging stuff and then blogging of course! :) lol

Here are some of me fave! I still have a lot to prepare for my preggo self and stuff for my little peanut. But since we don’t know the gender yet til next months so, I’ll just splurge myself some of this must haves! :)

I have this Bella Band 6 years ago but we had moved places and not sure where it is now so, I need a new one.I’ll go get the pink..

And this 2 tops! I have not yet added this stuff in my Kaboodle…as I forgot my password in there and I’m too lazy to check it out..later!

They’re too cute! Love ‘em:) And some of this Momma Mio BBB Kit and the prenatal Workout DVD.

And this Baby Book! I have the old ones that I used when my little boy was on the way but all of them were too old..lol It’s 6 years old already.

And some of the music I wanted for little peanut. And one for little boy! hehe

There are more but don’t want to fllod this entry with things I want..:) ‘Til next time! Have a great weekend!