Great Thursday!

Was alright. I went to see my OB and had a check all morning. I hate a lot of tests. But I managed to be patient as it’s for me and my little peanut. She said that everything are fine with me and my little pea. I just need to bed rest and everything will be alright. So, it’s all good.

Photo is from Wikipedia.com

And then since Thursday is the opening for Transformer Movie, so we watched it! Along with little boy, me, nanny, and my 2 bro’s! OMG! I am totally loving the action and I can’t stop raving it to hubby as it’s not out in Tokyo yet! Although he saw the Die Hards 4 already. It is a wonderful movie. I love the action and it feels good to watch a movie from Michael Bay-the Director! It’s fab! Go watch it now! :)

And then Mom called that she really can’t visit here. I was sad but it’s alright as she has a work to attend to. And then me and my 2nd bro had a little misunderstanding later at night..It was not bad but I am hurt.

Today, I am off to get our tickets. We will be off in days now and I have everything listed on what’s on my to buy and to do things. I tell you, there are a lot! :) And I have to go to bank, get mine and little boy’s dosmetic tickets and my bro’s too. And some more shopping! I can’t wait to go back and see my hubby again! Miss him so badly ;)

So, I guess, this is all for now..Hope you have a wonderful days!