The Kuya to be...

I am a very proud Mommy of this Kuya to be:) This is his latest photo, all grown up and don’t want to be called a baby anymore..sigh..At 5 yrs old!

He got a lot of little quirks already and even reason out if I asked him anything. He really shows that he can be trusted. And I always tells him that I trust him and love him dearly. He eats properly although there are still times that I have to watch him eat his food. Favorite food would be fried chicken and roast beef. Loves apple, orange, strawberry, watermelon, and pineapple. He always tells me he loves me, Daddy and our little pea. And of course I asked him who is his fave hero, he said it’s his Dad and Spiderman! lol He said that I am Daddy’s girlfriend and to him as well..He is so cute! He has this word” funny” that he always tells me “Mommy’s funny!” whenever I tell little jokes! He loves to wear his color green and blue brief. haha He doesn’t like the Shrek 3 movie because he said its corny! See? He knows! lol He loves Transformer toys this days because we watched that movie already. He can watch any kind of cartoons and Barney’s all day and still knows how to multitask and even study school stuff! Ask why? He watch TV, he plays PSP too and then he has this fat crayons in his side and also draws little people. He write his name properly and can I just brag that he got a very nice penmanship? Hey! this is my kiddo but besides that he really is smart! He knows what multi-tasking is! I told myself he is a bright young boy! He got it from his Dad not me definitely! haha And then he loves to go to park and play with other kids but can be very shy if he thinks its stranger..

Will add more later with this one:) I’m doing this because I’m sure I can’t do this when my little pea is around..At exactly 4 months another angel will be here! Can’t wait ;)



Rache said...

ohh my 6yr old girl also don't want to be called baby. big girl na daw sha. lol. my 9yr old boy on the other hand likes it when i call him baby. hehe!