Our Weekend..

This might be my longest recap for the weekend! Since I am back here I will start to blog our weekend and other small stuff. I missed doing this. I wanted to do it while we had our vacation but I am almost out everyday. And I just wanted to savor the vacation…Although, I was a blogging machine a few weeks ago before we headed off here. But most of what I wrote are for my tasks and opps for the paid by blogging stuff! So first off, I am glad to say that our general cleaning in the whole apartment was done Saturday morning! It was too tiring since the last part of that one was to cleaned up our masters bedroom. It’s not that big though but my cabinet is! lol Piles of bags, shoes and clothes that some of them I may not able to use for this coming 5 months. So, I have to change almost everything in my wardrobe! hehe And move the others to the other cabinet…Sad thing is I have to say goodbye in the meantime of my wedge sandals..lol

Saturday afternoon, we had lunch in Italian Tomato’s! I was craving for their Italian spaghetti bolognese with creamy sauce so I ordered that one. Bro, hubby and Little boy got each a pc of chili dog. Yep, little boy loves their chili dog! After that one we went to Olinas and ordered a 3 scoops each of Baskin and Robbins Ice Cream! OMG! I wan’t one now! lol It’s so yummy! Well, Baskin&Robbins is my fave ice cream parlor! And then strolling a bit..it was too tiring but we managed to check some cribs for my little pea in Babies R Us store. I saw one that I really like. It’s around $300 to $400 but I really love it. And other baby stuff that I wanted if its a girl! I bought a pair of preggy sleeping pj’s and a few shirts for little boy. Bought a couple of shirts for my bro too in GAP! They we’re having a sale so grabbed the chance..A few hours later we went to Yodobashi Electronic Shop and look for a phone for my bro. He wanted the Nokia N73..It’s kinda cool so, we might get it this week for him! And then around 7pm, we went home..It was tiring but we have to show my bro around a bit to familiarize the neighborhood.

{A Date with Hubby}
It’s 2 months that we haven’t had any date due to my vacation so he asked Saturday night if I wanted to go out with him. He is so sweet..So, we went out by Sunday afternoon around 5pm just in time for a dinner out. We dine in this cute little resto that they have one of the best roast beef. Hubby said he want to go there again! After dinner, we bought 2 movie tickets! I didn’t watched the Pirates of the Caribbean-Worlds End last May because we both promised to watch it together here. And then we did! The movie starts at 8:30pm and ended around11:45pm. I got tired already. But it’s nice to see my ever Johnny Depp! lol

I had a great time with my hubby. We get to talk and not minding our little boy because he was left with his Tito. I miss my hubby so badly..hehe And yep, I am 19 weeks preggy :)

{Little Boy’s Update}
I wasn’t able to update you all about my little boy. So, I will talk a bit about him. He is doing good. He always tells us that he is no longer a baby and he doesn’t want me to call him a baby anymore but a “Kuya”(big brother). He sleeps at his own bed now. Yep, before he sleeps at his own bed but he sleeps at our bed first and then we will transfer him when he gets to sleep. I read him stories still but he always asks me about our little peanut. He is so sweet that he always tells me how much he loves me, Daddy and our little pea. He even told me that he will take care of little pea. We have this little conversation yesterday when we had breakfast.

Me: Can I leave little pea to you when I go to grocery shopping?
LB: Sure, Mom!
Me: What if you are going to school and no one will take care of little pea?
What are you going to do?
LB: Well, she is very small right? I will carry her to school. I can’t leave her alone in the house, can I? So, I’ll bring her with me. (He wants to have a little sister too. He already know the name and can say it beautifully and clearly!)

Be still my heart! My heart is pounding at that moment! He is such a sweet Kuya and he always talks to my tummy everyday and kiss ‘em every now and then.. Proud Mommy moment again ;)

{Digital Scrapping}
I can’t believe I actually scrapped a page last Saturday! I just thought that to be able to get back my scrapping groove is to try to open scrap again and then I’ll see from there! And then voila! I got this page done..I am happy with the result and glad I scrapped again after 2 months!

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Thanks for peeking!