Officially Back, Peeps!

I just got back from my OB! Woot! And guess what she said? :) I am allowed to stay in my pc for an hour or so and I can go out now and enjoy the summer! You don’t have any idea how much this means to me! Thanks to those who drop by and checked me out it means so much! I have 98 emails to sort out and blogs that needs a lot of fixing..lol So, please bear with me as I go along!

Little peanut is doing really really good:) And all I have to do is to be safe and healthy..It will be less than 4 months time before I am going to see little pea:) Hubby and I are so excited since I have another OB appointment this next week and that’s the time we are going to see the gender! Can’t wait!

And also, I have made like 4 or 5 layouts..lol I have been lying in bed for almost 10 days and that’s all I got! Tonight, we are off for a movie. Little boy are excited to watch this Rata-toe movie..hehe

Have a blessed day you all!