Saturday Shopping Galore

We went out today. First stop was to get all our tickets and then it took us an hour since there was a little problem with the agency computer but they fixed it right away. I still have to get the travel tax of little boy. I hope to finish it by Monday. And then it was raining. I am glad that our driver was here even though its his day off. And then next stop was a check up of Little Boy! He’s scheduled to have an immunization. He got 2 injections. It’s for the flu and the other one was for some boosters which is 5 in 1 injection. I paid around 6k pesos. Little boy didn’t cry or anything. He is so brave that I wanted to hug him but he said that he is no longer a baby and he’s a big brother now. Proud Mommy moment again )

Right after those things, we went malling. But first, we had a lunch in Pancake House. I ordered a pan chicken in 2 pieces. Bro got an Adobo Sulipan and then little boy got a spaghetti. After eating, I bought my preggo dresses. I manage to SPLURGE! ) I can’t imagine how cheap they are. I’ll be posting pics as soon as I get to wear them when I’m back in Tokyo. ) Most of them are not necessarily for preggos..hehe Preggo dresses are so dull. Most of them have color blue and I don’t like blue color now a days! So, I went ahead on buying the what’s in this days! lol Just to give you a hint. I love color red very much ;) And then I bought 2 ballerina shoes! OMG! I have to let you see them..They’re too cute:) I promise to post photos tomorrow! Other stuffs like, some make ups. I was looking for my Shu Uemura Foundation and a Chanel nail paint color that I saw in a mag but couldn’t find any here so I will just get it in Tokyo. I purchased a new Gucci shades too! hehe Yep, I have to. I am a sucker of shades and although I can’t use ‘em when I’m back there because I can’t imagine a preggo with a big nose wears a shades! haha But I love it! And then I have a lot of things that I bought. Little boy had some shirts too but there’s not much of choices here so I’ll buy more when I get back. And I bought a few shirts of my bro too. Bought a pants for him as well.

After the shopping, we went home and I forgot to have a dinner:) Actually, I still have to get my dinner ) So, until next update!