* I woke up early because we went to see my Aunt and Uncle in the airport. Turns out we only had like 15 minutes to talk!

* When we arrived home from the airport, I had a very sick stomach. I keep asking myself what did I ate last night! Sure is, I ate pizza! My stomach this days isn’t very good with digesting..tsk..tsk

* We’re going to watch TRANSFORMERS again! lol It’s the opening day here in Tokyo. Hubby wasn’t able to watch it yet. But he wants us to go with him..I love that movie too:)

* Dinner in Thai Foods but changeable since I don’t think my stomach needs more oily and spicy foods today.

* Call my Mom back home. I still have to tell her about my recent visit to my OB;) I’m sure you want to know too! lol

* Take pictures this afternoon..something to freshen’ up my mind..

* And enjoy the weekend! ;)

Have a great Weekend everyone!