10 Q & A for today!

Here are another sets of questions for today!

1. What’s your favorite color? Purple, blue and Red:)
2. What’s your favorite quote? Be glad of Life because it gives you the chance to Love, to Work, to Play and to look up the Stars..
3. Favorite television show? Aha..too many..but I love Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes and LOST.
4. What part of the chicken in your favorite? Wings,please:)
5. When you get a cold or the flu are you tough or a big baby? I’m a tough one but sometimes if I just feel like I want hubby to baby me, I act a big baby..lol
6. Are you more serious or a big dork? both! Life is too short to be always so serious! ha!
7. Use one word to describe how you are feeling right now. Blessed.
8. Name your worst habit. Procrastinate
9. Name a book that you could read over and over again. Harry Potter Books!
10. Are you a collector of anything? Yes, designer bags, shoes, jeans and post cards ;)
11. What’s one of your favorite blogs to read? Jessica Sprague photo blog!
12. Name one thing you are passionate about. I can’t make it as only one..I tend to work both at best:) Blogging and Scrapping!

;) You can answer them if you like;)