Mommy Survey!

Saw this from Joyce and have to snag it! :D

1. was your first pregnancy planned? yup,waited for almost a year after we got married.
2. were you married at the time? yes
3. what were your reactions? Excite,scared,and HAPPY!
4. was abortion an option for you? NO WAY!
5. how old were you? 23
6. how did you find out you were pregnant? we bought a pregnancy test because I was delayed for a month already.
7. who did you tell first? Hubby and then Mom.
8. did you want to find out the sex? Yup
9. due date? July 22,2002 but came July 15 a week earlier
10. did you have morning sickness? Yup up until I had labor! lol
11. what did you crave? french fries, italian spaghetti only at Italian Jr.! LOL
12. who/what irritated you the most? I always get irritated over nothing! LOL
13. what was your first child’s sex? Boy
14. did you wish you had the opposite sex of what you were getting? Yup
15. how many pounds did you gain throughout the pregnancy? A LOT!
16. did you have a baby shower? nope, a small get together with friends.
17. was it a surprise or did you know? it was planned
18. did you have any complications during your pregnancy? I had a pre-ecplamsia
19. where did you give birth? hospital
20. how many hours were you in labor? almost 40 hrs! Yikes!
21. who drove you to the hospital? hubby
22. who watched you give birth? hubby
23. was it natural or C-section? normal
24. did you take medicine to ease the pain? Nope! And proud:D
25. how much did your child weigh? 8lbs and 2 ounces
26. when was your child actually born? July 15, 2002
27. what did you name him/her? Albert Jr.
28. how old is your first born today? 5