Orlando Plans

Being a Mommy and a wife to a hubby who travels a lot this days due to his work can be a little disappointing! But what can I do? After all, it’s for the family. But glad that hubby makes sure to spend more time with us when he gets home. Well, he always makes sure he can spend time for us but being with a lot of responsibilities at work can be overwhelming in his part. And I understand that he needs to be with his work even during at night because of online meetings and calls. And then he told me a few weeks ago that after the project for next years and that little pea will be a little bigger he plans that we can go to Orlando! Definitely still a plan but there’s already a raft draft of the cities and places he will be going for next year until the 2nd quarter and part of that is going to Orlando. :) So, I was thinking that there are so much to see in there! We can hop around Disney and then Universal Studio’s! And of course I have to check this orlando discount hotel for great finds and affordable booking online! Hopefully, this one will come true!