On Business

I am not a good person to talk to about business. Because I can’t even manage our own expenses let alone having our own business. And yep, I got it from my Mom who is a one day millionaire!!! :) Seriously though, I’ve been totally good this past months and considering too that we are a growing family of 4, so I just have to be more careful with dealing with our expenses now! I am taking the plunge and really considering doing my own but it might be until next year! And talking about expenses and how I maybe able to help with hubby, I come across this multivend business thing! Don’t have much information yet but I am looking at it right now and learning the hops and downs of having a franchise vending machine. It is not much but it does help a little in your daily expenses. I really want to help my family and in this part of the place, everything you can see here in the streets are vending machines. So, I might as well check this out and let see how it goes from there! ;)Wish me luck, peeps!