Thursday Thirteen

13 Things On, Under or Near My Computer Desk

1. Scrap Magazines! They’re totally addicting to scan and such eye candies for a scrapper like me:)
2. Red Lampshade that has never been moved for a week..lol
3. Blue Wall Clock left side of my flat screen..cleaned already though
4. My jewelry on my right side corner of my computer table..I swear, I didn’t know why I didn’t take off it here..
5. My Little Boy’s DVD movies..Dora, Spongebob, and etc..piles under my table..
6. My red cellphone which I am sure I just found it!
7. Nail cutter! How come it’s here? :)
8. My 500GB External Hard Drive
9. My HP 5 in 1 photo copier,printer, scanner..it’s all in one!
10. My CPU.
11. My 20″ PC flat screen..love it the most:)
12. A wall frame that I made that photo-I scrapped the page digitally and had it printed and put it in a wall frame..I love looking at it:)
13. Wall decorations..it has little stuff collections from around the world..Hubby and I collected it..