Heartily Questions :)

You can snag this if you likey:)

1. If you could pause your aging process, at what age would you choose do to it? (Meaning you would not live forever, but live for 90 or so years at whatever age you chose).
~My age right now…I love the way my life where it is leading and I love the way that hubby and I are the most “in love” moment of our relationship. We love each other from the start but we love more today. And I get to see my little boy who grows up to be the sweetest but I don’t want him to stay that age too. So, I want to pause this late 20’s time and live until my 70’s age! I also want to see my kids growing up, what they’ll be doing with their lives and the family they will be having…I guess everyone wants that..

2. At what age did you (or will you) consider yourself to be an adult?
~I say, the moment I said yes to the man who asked me he want to marry me! I was 22 that time. I was a baby to my parents but I was an adult ready to take the plunge of married life! I wasn’t wrong:)

3. What do you think will be your most annoying trait when you’re a senior?
~I never thought of that..but I want to be a cool granny too:) Like I am a cool Mom now! haha

4. How does your current life compare with where you thought you’d be at this point when you were young?
~I have always dreamed of having a husband who will love me just like what I really wanted. God is good because he knows what was in my heart. Although there’s always ups and downs in our married life because perfection wouldn’t be perfect without some test of time..But all I can say is that what I wanted to be when I was younger…this is it..this is the life I have always wanted. This is what I prayed for and longed for..Can you see me smiling? :) God is good, I know! And hopefully, as the time passes by we will love each other even more!

5. When would you like to retire? What do you see yourself doing with your life after retirement?
~Oh..I don’t think that much right now..I still have a lot to do..I’m still young!

Have fun!