Mom has been asking me if she can actually buy here a locker basket that she saw in the net the past few weeks. I wasn't sure which site she saw it but I came across this School Lockers that she might be interested. I am not sure if this is from this site but it looks really a great site for lockers and everything you need for personal stuff either in the gym, school and other establishments! Mom has been wanting to have a locker for their office as a project. She's trying I guess to come up a good idea on how to get the best deal so this site really is helpful for her!

Anyway, I will let her know about this. I've read in the site that they also had this woodgrain lockers which can also be use not just for a gym establishments but for offices that has many employees! Plastic Lockers too are convenient. I will tell Mom about this and she can definitely start looking the site and maybe she will tell her co-workers about this site too.If you are looking one for your business establishment then check this out!