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Either you are looking for a new radiator or not, you might consider that it is one of the most important aspect on our cars! My Uncle always tells us about cars because he loves cars and aside from that he knows that we need it as well since we have 2 cars back home. I honestly don’t have any idea what he is talking about at first and hubby said that I’ll just take note! But I sure know it's important too. I searched high and low and actually found this site very helpful! Just some info’s though that Dodge Truck Radiator must keep the truck’s engine cool so that your vehicle/truck can get you around without overheating. I know about this for sure..But there are just other stuff about cars, I can’t get on..I drive but I can’t fix it if anything happens..lol Imagine what would happen without this very important part to your Dodge Ram. You could find yourself stranded on the side of a road with a smoking engine to your car and no way to get home. Good thing is that you got this Dodge Ram radiator, your engine is able to stay cool and keep you on the go.