5 Things that Annoys Me right now:D

1. First would be when I’m talking to hubby and he doesn’t look at me or turn his head….just keeps looking at the TV or his laptop. When I ask, “Did you hear me?” he responds (without turning his head), “yup, I’m listening. I heard you”. Ugghhhh, don’t get me started!
2. Those people who walk slow in the street. I hate walking behind them. I hate it when they’re in groups specially, and they’re all walking slow….and I can’t pass through them! Like they own the street! Hello…
3.The toothpaste being squeezed in the middle versus the bottom. Geezz..
4. The toilet paper not being put on the dispenser…ack
5. When hubby and I talked and I have to explain the same thing more than once.Ticks me off..

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