How was your Christmas?

I hope you had good times and so much fun with your family and love ones! Mine was spent with my 3 special boys of my life,of course:) Some friends came over to see our little peanut! We had dinner and came 25th afternoon, we went malling and bought a new stroller. Little boy loved Santa’s Christmas presents:) You should have seen his reaction, he even kissed the boxes! haha And then had dinner of our left over foods:) It’s quiet since we’re only 4 but it was fabulous and we love it! How about you? :) I’ll share pics later..For now, enjoy the rest of the holidays!


MondaythroughSunday said...

We had a lovely Christmas and enjoying Christmas break and having all my children around.

Thanks for commenting and stopping by my blog. I pray you have a wonderful, blessed New Year!!