Search Engine!

I was just searching for something online and I just can't find it. I know, I saw it somewhere before but I am so glad that I found this Earthfrisk Search Engine because you can find everything in there just the way other search engine does! And with great results like less spam and can even get better! I'm sure this will be another growing engine in the net in the coming days! You just see:) I've read that there is a tool bar for either Firefox user, like me:) And then those who use IE! And those bloggers can get the tool bar with a custom made logo! Now, this one is totally cool! I'll have to see more of this one and do the custom made logo as well;-) It does help with your traffic too as what I have read! If you want to learn more then you just gotta read how this Earthfrisk works! there are more, PROMISE! :) A revolution, for sure!