To Seaworld

I was jut thinking that going somewhere like a theme park for the holiday would be fun! So, hubby and I are thinking that we will treat my Mom and little boy to Seaworld! Or maybe somewhere little boy would really enjoy! But either it would be a lot fun and photo opps is always a great thing:) Yup, little boy loves it there and I’m sure Mom would love to be a kid again! Besides it’s a Theme Park and there are a lot of fun things to do! so, I check the Seaworld Tickets and found really awesome discounts. not sure if it’s still up next year but it does looks very inviting even to this time of the year! holiday is around the corner and if only we can go there maybe after Christmas then it would be fabulous but having a new baby isn’t a good idea too besides its totally cold outside! Maybe earlier next year! We will see! Check it out too if you want to treat your family to Theme Parks!