Speed Check

1. Have you ever been pulled over? How many times?
~Nope but almost. I would be very scared! I guess, I am a careful driver..hehe

2. What are you most likely to be pulled over for? (Speeding? Reckless driving? Expired tags/inspection? Bad signal/headlight?)
~Definitely speeding! Ask hubby:-)

3. You’re driving along on your merry way when you see a police car. What is your first thought?
~What is this man up to now!

4. When you see a cop car, do you hit your brakes or keep your foot on the gas?
~Sometimes, I just keep my foot in the gas but I slow down:) As long as he’s not pulling me over..

5. What’s your personal speed limit? How do you determine what it is for any given road?
~When back home, it’s always the safest:) Always depends on the traffic, time and location…