Myrtle Beach Vacation

If you read my last post you will notice that I just got back from a beach vacation for 6 days! Yup, I have always wanted to visit that place since I gave birth to our second baby last December and I was so happy that the husband granted my wish last week;) And since it's summer here I am now, it was a blast! I love every minute we had there! Bonding with the husband alone and just talk about anything! I super love our trip;) But if you are here in this blog looking for a beach vacation to somewhere else then why don't you check this Myrtle Beach vacation where you can bring along your kiddos as well! Summer in half of the world is soon and with June fast approaching, I'm sure you Mommies and Daddies there are looking for a vacation away from the hassle and bustle of the crowded city or just away with the same stuff everyday! Myrtle Beach hotels has discounts that are up for a grab and you don't want to miss that one! Located in South Carolina, I'm sure you will have a fun times! There is also this Myrtle Beach golf to all the Daddy's out there! Now, go check it out! I', sire you will never regret passing by here;)


Bunny B said...

Oooo...maybe you should go there for your next vaccay :P