If you regularly read my blog then you know that our house back home is not done yet with the renovations. It was a long work to go. Since we let the contractors stopped renovating for a week due to the recent happenings. So, I hope now it will be soon be finish even though we're not there to look after. My Dad is there to look up for us and my in-laws as well! I think I have posted something about bath tub refinishing project that I have! It was a lot of fun thinking and planning what will go for our master's bedroom! The husband wanted something nice and simple. He specifically told me that he wants a new bathtub so, I we had bathroom remodel plan done! It's not something we can use always though so I opted for a much cheaper and quality wise bathtub! Then I wanted to put a tub in the guest's room but our budget won't let me..;-) Maybe next time! For now, I am excited for the finish house renovation! We spent over our budget planned but the husband said it's okey! He will just work hard! Poor husband,eh? :-)

Anyway, if you are planning for bath tub refinishing then you should check out the links here! I just wished I saw this site before our planned renovations. But if you are then it's a great find! Although the prices is a little stiff but I'm sure you get what you paid for! I was wide eyed when I saw that they offer free shipping! I like that they have corner, acrylic, antique and more bath tubs available! You can take a look and see for yourself those beautiful and quality bath tubs! when the house renovations will be done, I hope the husband will allow me to post photos;-) He doesn't want posting pics of our house..lol