Faucet Galore

If you have been reading my blog, you'll know that we are renovating our house! And it means that I have a great time looking for new paintings, floor stuff and then the bathroom items! It was tiring but nevertheless a fun thing to do for me! Because I get to change the bathroom to my fave color. The floor idea was from myself which the husband said he like it! Plus the master's bedroom new painting! It's different than the other 2 bedrooms and the whole interior in the house! And the other things needs changing! Then the faucet that took me forever! Yeah, I wanted something like this Danze Faucets here. I asked the seller if they got one like this Danze Kitchen Faucet too! I'm not sure if they got what I meant! So, since I just saw this Danze Parma. I am not convince that I will just get those faucets online through that site! They cater different kids of faucets and not just that, they have everything bathroom accessories too! I'll ask our plumber about this! My..I'm excited already:)

Anyway, if you are thinking of getting a new bathroom items specially faucets, I think you should check out that site I just listed! :)