I was in the mall the other day looking for a new Tempurpedic Mattress but I can't find one! So, I was looking online and good thing there is this Tempurpedic beds! It's not for our room though because I prefer the Bragada beds! But there is no edge in between the two! Both has the best quality and you will never regret buying one! Since Tempur-pedic is medically tested, I was thinking that it is really a good mattress for my Dad in-law! I already asked the husband about this and we might just order online. We'll see about that! I just hope we can find these mattresses here instead of getting it online!

Anyway, I as looking around the site and I am in the right place! They have also foam mattresses, memory foam mattress toppers, pillows & adjustable beds that I am also thinking for the new renovated rooms! the little boy already asked me that he wants a new bed and sheets:) I like the idea of buying new stuff but we are going back soon..I'm not sure if we will buy new ones then..But if you are looking for mattresses this is the site you will sure like!