Good News and a little downside..

The other night, the husband told me there is an opening position in his department. He was telling me because he knows that I can be a good candidate for the job! I asked him twice last year if I can go back to a part time job. We didn't talked about that again since last year. Now, he's telling me it's possible that I apply for the position. Of course, he's the boss! haha But I am not sure if I can juggle being a Mom and then have a part time job! But I also want to go back to work. It has been years. the last time I had a part time job was at a hotel where I was a front desk for 5 hrs a day! I didn't liked the job because I hated standing! So now, since the little boy will go back to school next week. I am really thinking what if! He said we can always hire a babysitters for the 5 hrs that I am not here in the house. The pay is really good and to think that I can be a regular employee after 6 months! Hubby is connected to this company for 12 years already. So, I was thinking that we will just find a babysitters for my 8 months old! But thinking of his age and leaving him alone for 5 hrs everyday makes me sick to my stomach! I've never tried leaving my boys to someone we don't know! When I worked in the hotel, My Dad and Mom was here that time! Now, I'm torn between the nice paying job and the little boy! But of course the husband told me I don't need to work. It's just this work will hone my skills and my knowledge more. And being able to work in one of the top companies around the world is just something! sigh...I don't know..I still want to take care with my little boy. I think I'm built to be a mom at home raising with them..But if ever I can decide to go back to work, this babysitting jobs is in the top of my list! I've read that they have been in the business for many years and they will help us find the best Nanny for my little boy. And after being a member in this site they will send over the possible sitters that I am looking for! This sounds great already!

But there's always a but..I am still not sure if I want the work..I want to go back to work. I'll be assigned to field. The pay is really good with allowance. But, part of me is saying that my little boy is too small for 8 months to be left alone...I'll let you know in a week or two..Wish me luck!