I WON!!!

WOW! Mai told me early today that I won in the Indo Contest! :D And this is what I'm getting:)

Winners #4:

Awesome,eh? To those sponsored you can contact me to divainme at gmail dot com! :D

Thanks Indo for the nice contest:D


WebbyContest said...

Congrats in winning in the Indocontestki

WeblogLearner said...

Wow! You got so much pack of winnings there! That is wonderful! Congratulations. I am your sponsor for 1,200 credits and it was sent to you. Thank you for joining. Your link is in my list already. ^^

julia~ said...

congrats po! You're ad is up now @ my blog.

Blog for Beginners said...


Congrats on winning the contest. Since the contest ended on 17 August where I actually reserved the ad slot for September. Do you mind waiting till the beginning of the next month?

In the mean time, send your ad over to me...and perhaps, join us for the contest.