Slice of Life #4

I'm sorry I was out of the loop for weeks. Life has been so busy. But I'm joining this week!

I'll chose the Writer’s Choice-Chapter 1 for August 17, 2008.

Please submit a story about any childhood memory, from earliest to about age 10-11.

This is a bit strange. Writing something that is so important to me and letting the whole word know about it. But I guess, we all want change sometimes! It was December 13, 1989-I was exactly 11 years old. I was rushing to go home from school because that afternoon we will have our school party! Of course, Mom bought me my fave party dress then the gift that I'll have to exchange to my classmate! But Mom asked me something first to do something outside. Just a few walk across the street. We live in a small village so there was not much of car or truck passing through. Since it was rainy, she told me bring along an umbrella! I was thinking deep when I passed by the store then I saw 3 friends of my Dad! It was quiet, normal because of the gloomy day! But I think I was out of the world thinking and walking because the next time I knew where I was was under a huge tuck! Yes, I was hit by a truck! I saw people shouting, I can barely remember what happened. I was rushed by an ambulance to the hospital and there I was. Lying in bed with a lot of paraphernalia in my head! My Mom and grannies was there along with my brothers. I can see them from a far. Mom was holding my hands. They were doing something in my back..There were a lot of tests done..It was something I could never forget in my entire life. I could have been dead! After tests and staying for 3 weeks in the hospital, I was back in the house..I had scars and a lot of things they did..I didn't know what to think I was only 11! But I am just thankful that God gave me a second chance! A second LIFE! He is good and I am thankful in every step I make!

That was my unforgettable moment during my childhood! I was a happy child though..Mom always said, "you should always be thankful." Yup, I am!

Happy Sunday everyone! Off here;)


quilly said...

It is a miracle that you survived! Amazing!

My offering is not so uplifting I am afraid. It is here: Sticks & Stones

Cricket said...

Yes, you were a very lucky little girl. Even though I am sure you endured much pain those few months, you were fortunate to learn such a valuable lesson so early in life - that being life is precious and can be taken in the beat of a heart. Great post & welcome back!

Suzanne said...

Now I understand why you are sooo in love with life, Yen. :) TFS!

Eve said...

Wow! I can see why you remember that birthday. I hope you got to wear the pretty dress later.