Maternity Dresses

I can remember how my pregnancy went last year! Last year summer, I was 6 months preggy and my it was awesome! I love anything girly stuff and I just love anything have to do with red and purple! I remember I love to wear red, purple and brown Maternity Clothes and I always find something trendy of course! If you read my blog/s then you saw some of my pictures! some of my online friends thought the baby was a girl! Actually, we all are here! We thought that peanut will be a girl until late 6 months of my pregnancy! It was so different when I had my first little boy. The second was a breeze and it looks like I was only a few weeks;-) I even have a few Juicy Couture Maternity items to boot! :D I love fashion and how much more if I am preggy:) Good thing, the husband has been spooling me;-) I love being preggy but of course it can be a lot tiring!

So anyway, I also have a friend that is preggy right now and she's a little over 10 weeks and it's also her second baby! I am happy for her too. And when I saw this Maternity Dresses online, I know this is what she really wants! I wished I saw this last year when I have the bulging tummy;-) hehe I could really use some of those fashion maternity items! Can you believe that I have been wearing maternity jeans until my 38th weeks? Yeah! :D I'll definitely bookmark this site not only they have great maternity items for those preggy Mommas out there but they also have diaper bags that I might going to like! I have my 8 months here:D Check it out! You'll love it;)