Online Babble

1. What's your favourite emoticon?
+ The Smile one :D

2. Do you use webspeak like lol, brb, etc. often when writing e-mails or instant messaging?
+ Yeah,only when I know who I am talking to.

3. Have you ever accidentally used an emoticon or webspeak inappropriately? (Ie. In work correspondence, school papers etc.)
+ Sometimes!

4. What sorts of typing habits annoy you the most?
+ The one like they're texting me! I hate that! Like the u when it's actually a you.

5. Do you ever catch yourself using words or phrases out loud that are usually reserved for instant messaging or e-mails?
+ I've used LOL to a friend when we were talking..haha But she's a web geek too so it was acceptable! Otherwise, nope!

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