Florida Keys

I missed visiting some of my cousins and Aunts down in California. I was there 3 years ago and I so want to go back! And some of hubby's Aunts is living in MA. although, when we went there we stayed most of the time in SF. But if ever we are going back someday, I'd love to check out Florida Keys! I've heard nothing but good reviews about this place! My Uncle who loves taking photos and also a photo enthusiast says I'd be very happy in that part of the woods! :D I'd say why not take a Florida Vacation if ever right? I've read that this place has really cool islands and since they know I adore taking photos, it's another place to discover! They went there this summer and my Cousin C has been saying and raving about the photo opps! And they're all beach bum so, I know if I am going to like it or not! What do you think? I can pretty much live in the island and I'd love new discovery! I'd love to stay in a beach resort and just have fun! We are shooting summer 2009 in US and I'm sure there are tons of fun things to do! With this site information I am checking it right now, it looks like a pretty site to check out! The site has information on where to find accommodation, some information about how many Keys there are actually. I'd really want to visit the so called American Caribbean! :)