Just a little post for the 9/11 tragedy that happened 7 years ago! I want you to say a little pray to those lives perished during the tragedy! It has been 7 years and it's so sad to remember. We should never, ever forget this day.

Did you remember where were you at this time? What did you do and did you call right away your siblings, relatives that lives near NY? I remember I saw an actual footage of the tragedy. It was nerve wrecking and hurt breaking footage! I could never imagined someone would do that, it was like a movie! That day, me and the husband was just stunned watching the news..I even cried for some reason..How could you not shed a tear?

I saw this somewhere..but I like this prayer.

Lord, wrap your arms around those who's hearts are aching this morning because of a loved one who was taken. Give them a special measure of Your love. Grant them courage, peace, and comfort on this day, and every day.

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