Yeah, that's me on this blog! I noticed that I have only been posting Memes and photos in here. What do you expect! :) With lots of blog that I run, I am not sure if there's enough words left to say! :D And besides, my life isn't that exciting! haha But I hope that those who drop here like the photos I posted. I'd also appreciate those EC droppers to read around a bit not just leave and drop to avoid bounce rate, ok? :)

Another thing, my boys are doing good! But the big brother wasn't able to go to school at first day of class! Poor thing! He got ear infection that we just knew this morning, highest body temp was 40 that I was so scared to hell since Monday! Good thing, he's doing a little better now. The little peanut is growing up so fast! I should post photos of him here. But if I can't do drop by at my other blogs:D And oh, if you're short in cash right now, check this cash advance that I saw earlier!