Lead Test Kit

The husband and I has been talking about buying a Lead Test a few weeks ago. We just gotten tons of new toys this weekend and it never hurt to check and be safe with those toys! Specially that I have a 10 months old baby, it's better to be safe than sorry. You see, this 10 months old son eats everything he can grasp at his hand. I mean anything! With 8 teeth at 10 months, I'm sure you can understand that I worry a lot. I've heard horror stories about babies eating the lead paint of those toys. So, when I saw this $1 Lead Paint Kit online, I know I have to get one myself! It's good for some household items that you think has a lead paint on it too. I am liking this site because it has list of toys that has tested lead on it. Those company should be held liable for what they are doing. Did you know lead can cause a lot of problems with babies and kids? I just hope you know and are educated with this things! With this Lead Test, there are news you might want to read. The kit is pretty easy to use, it's Non-Toxic, it instantly turn pink when lead is present and can be able to work on any surface.

I was reading the recommendation of this site and so far I am really liking what I read. To all my online friends and Mommy visitors here this is a great site that you might be interested. It is good for our family specially our little ones! You just never know. I have to post this here as well. An excerpt from the site.

A quick rundown of the dangers of lead.

- Lead provides no known biological benefit to humans.
- Lead can produce adverse effects on virtually every system in the body; it can damage the kidneys, the nervous system, the reproductive system, and cause high blood pressure. It is especially harmful to the developing brains of fetuses and young children.
- There may be no lower threshold for some of the adverse effects of lead in children. In addition, the harm that lead causes to children increases as their blood lead levels increase.

Check out that kit and that site it's very helpful for us parents!!!