Wednesday Weirdness

1.) Have you ever purchased an item of clothing and intentionally worn it with tags on it so that you could return it the next day?
+ Nope! LOL That's weird!

2.) Would you rather be late to the party, or the first person to arrive? Why?
+ Late..

3.) When do you usually begin your Christmas shopping?
+ I'm shopping already :) Talk about being excited!

4.) What three cancelled tv shows do you wish they’d bring back?
+ Gilmore Girls!!! I love that show! And Sex and the City :)

5.) What do you have in your vehicle's glove compartment?
+ In the passenger side? Some little toys of the boys, brochures, clutters..

6.) Have you ever donated blood?
+ Not yet. But it would be nice.

7.) Have you ever kissed or dated someone elses significant other? What happened?
+ Nope.

8.) Have you ever mistaken one product for another while in the bathroom and didn't notice until after you used it? (EXAMPLE: Washing your hair with liquid body soap, slathering hand soap on your legs instead of lotion after a shower, et cetera)
+ Oh yes! I thought it was a toothpaste but it was a toy stuff of the little boy!

9.) Would you/Have you ever dated someone who had a criminal record?
+ Nope. Or how would I know? :) haha

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I Smile 2 Much said...

You're already shopping? Can you help me get organized? : ) I envy you & everyone else who are better planned than I am.

And LOL on your #9. Happy WW ; )

Amorous Rocker said...

I always start shopping like mid-October, lol. I'm probably gonna start late this year though.

Nice answers. Happy Wednesday!