1. What is your worst personality trait?
+ I am bossy. Everyone in the family knows that. I get angry when I asked someone to do things and they won’t do that for me right away..lol But now that I don’t have a nanny. I can’t asked someone except myself..:D

2. What is your best trait?
+ I am generous. I give everything. Even if there’s nothing left for me. And even if I don’t have for myself.

3. Who is your hero?
+ My parents and the husband.

4. What has always been your dream or goal in life? Have you achieved it?
+ I have always said I wanted to become a flight stewardess. It’s true. But it was not really what I aim for. When I went home for vacation months ago, I checked my highschool yearbook and I said there that I wanted to become an Engineer! Yup, I become one. I am proud of myself:)

5. Describe yourself, use 3 words.
+ I am Beautiful! hahaha No one will say that except me;)