We dined out with a couple of my friends last Saturday night. I only go out these days with people whom I really trust. Since the husband is not around to always tell me what to do , I make sure that I am in the safe hands. But I don't go out always though..So anyway, when we went inside this establishment, I noticed that one of their exit signs wasn't properly put up a few steps in the toilet area. I always believe that signs like that should be properly imposed. Because in case of emergency, people would know where to go out! There were a lot of cases about exit signs and even bars that caught fires that customers died too. You can never tell. That's why there's city ordinance and even a law that imposed to have exit sign should be put up properly and working. I remember about a situation when I saw this EXIT SIGNS online store. They offer tons of emergency lighting and is designed to offer the best quality and even lower prices compared to others. When opening an establishment, it is your biggest concerns in terms of safety. And with the help of this online site, you will find out information and suggestions for your building regarding emergency lighting! Check it out!