Summer Attire

I'm having this abnormal palpitation these past few days. That's why I never went online. I think I will just have to go to to my doctor and have a check up. I have heart problems and a check up would really be helpful. I'm doing great today though and tomorrow will travel down south and in a few weeks will be back home in PI. I need to be healthy! Ugh..But today was a little better so, I'm checking a few things online before going back home. Anyway, I'm checking this emporio armani boxer shorts for a few of my brothers who asked a few times as gifts because it's really cheaper than where they are right now. I also need to get my little boys a few summer attires because well, we will enjoy what's left of summer back home. I'm thinking of getting them speedo for kids! I'm not sure if they have but I think I can find something here for the husband! He requested something like a silk boxers too that we bought a few back in Bangkok but it's so hard to find it here. I'm just glad I found online with very affordable prices! Check it out too if you are looking for any kind of men's underwear's!