Looking for a New Car?

I am not the best person to talk about cars because I just don’t have any idea why men loves them! But as the husband says, you like bags and shoes- I like cars and computer games! Oh well, I guess, he’s so right in for that line eh? :) I have 3 brothers who’s car fanatics and a Dad who’s so in love with his vintage cars. I still think I have enough of them talking all about same stuff every time we’re all together. What kind of engine, what horsepower, etc, etc. But when I saw this bmw 5 series! I think I am in love with it already! Who wouldn't anyway..lol

But what got me really interested about is this chrysler town country that I came across! If you are looking for big cars for the family, this is a good car for you! I can’t say more though because I’m so not good with cars. But based from what I read on this site, 8 out of 10 reviews says good stuff about it! If you are thinking of getting this one, I say you have to read the info online first and learn from the pro! I even read about this dodge viper ad reviews and where to get price quotes and others who are willing to sell their cars for a little less. They have expert reviews, photo galleries offered, they also have consumer opinions and a lot more important information on buying a new car. Check it out!