Wordless Wednesday

DSC_0143 copy by you.

Happy Wordless! And thanks for peeking!

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Elizabeth Bonds said...

I love close ups of flowers like that. That is beautiful, though I have no idea what kind of flower it is.

Happy Wordless Wednesday.

Cecily R said...

What a GORGEOUS shot!!!

Pamela said...

yes, what is that gorgeous blossom?

Red Lotus Mama said...

The color is spectacular! Happy WW: http://tinyurl.com/5podks

A Bad Mommy said...

that is amazing.

normally i find flower pics tres boring, but yours is divine!

Maureen Hayes said...

I tried to do this with the same flower and mine was flat and boring. I would love to learn more about how you shot this. It is lovely!

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Tiaras and Tantrums said...

Very pretty

Mojo said...

Some of those... whatever you call 'em in the middle look like fish jumping out of the water. Very cool shot!